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As a student, you can get plenty of discounts at various places all you do is¬†ask there are various student discount platforms available, and it’s worth clicking the register button.


Student Beans

Student Hut

Outside of the platforms you can also go to student lock in which is an event mainly for students the night is filled with discounts and freebies this normally happens once or twice a year so be sure to look out for them and register.

Free Gym Memberships at University

Okay, so I have compiled a list of universities that give all students free gym access whilst on their course ūüėĀ

University Of Central Lancashire 

Liverpool John Moores University

University Of Worcester – For resident students in Halls of Residence or University managed properties

It’s also worth asking your accommodation office (if it’s¬†privately owned) to see if they offer free gym membership if they have that facility available.

Unfortunately, those are the only universities which offer free gym membership to their students these are some low-cost gym which you might want to join when you go to university and some gyms offer free day pass which is a plus.

Low-Cost Gyms 

Pure Gym – You can get up to 20% off

The Gym Р8 Months for £99 includes £20 joining fee (remember to read the terms and conditions )

Xercise4Less Р20% off  (Only £11.99pm & £0 joining fee) until 23rd October with UNiDays

Free Lush

If you’re a fan of lush or you like their products, you’re going to love this hack ūüėČ. If you shop regularly with them you probably have a stash of pots around, all lush pots are made to be eco-friendly so you can take the empties and ask them to dispose them for you or if you bring five pots you can ask if you can try a face mask and you don‚Äôt have to pay anything. #Simple



If you decide to be commute to and from university¬†using public transport, I would suggest getting a yearly pass or term time pass this will save you a lot. If you are in your first year of university its good¬†to be close to the campus, walking distance is better as you don’t¬†have to use some of the money for transport. But if you weren’t¬†able to get accommodation¬†close and its far for you to walk getting that pass would be ideal as we are approaching¬†winter. If you know that you will be using trains regularly, I would advise that you get a railcard certain banks offer student account holders a four-year¬†rail card after opening an account.



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  1. October 17, 2017 / 12:37 am

    Ah this would have been the most perfect post for me as a student – didn’t even know some unis offered out free gym memberships!


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