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Happy new month guys! Can’t believe its December next month which means Christmas which means the year is nearly ending (argh) I think its only right to help you guys prepare in some way, but before getting into ways you can save a little for Christmas I am going to highlight an American holiday which has become more popular in the U.K over the past couple years. I bet your thinking what holiday this could be… okay so I am going to talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday


What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.. when is it?

As you know Black Friday started in America, it is always the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving, Black Friday can be seen as the unofficial way to start Christmas shopping as retailers offer deals and discounts.This year Black Friday will be on the 24th of November. Note: Some stores have various deals (from 20th November )  leading to Black Friday. Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately after Black Friday, all Cyber Monday deals are normally all online although some stores might have instore offers. This year Cyber Monday is on the 27th of November.


Until Black Friday


Stores with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Almost all store will offer both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, I have listed a few stores that have already announced that they will be participating.





Until Cyber Monady


How can you make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? #Quick tips

Black Friday is always hectic that’s why it would be wise to have some sort of plan, this way it will stop you from getting sidetracked from what you actually want to buy.

Tip #1

This might sound a bit out there but create a temporary email address that is dedicated to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this will allow you to have all the notifications on one email. By doing this you have an email specifically for the two dates and not just have emails you’re going to delete without opening (I’ve done that a couple of times ). Make sure you sign up for newsletters or be on the mailing list for your favourite stores before Black Friday (if your not signed up already they may also send you exculsive emails for black friday to use) make sure you stay logged in on the site to make purchasing stuff a lot quicker

Tip #2

Sign up to sites/ download applications that can help you track items and alert you when stuff goes on sale or get reduced. Shoptagr has an extension that can be added to your browser so you can easily add items you want to track, you can also create lists for items

Shoptagr I love this site it’s so useful and it’s easy to use

LYST – This site is similar to shoptagr

Love sales – Get alerts when your favourite sites have sales

Tip #3

Make a list of things you want to get plus put pre-sale (original) price next to the item. If you use iPhone I recommend using your notes application. Research prices for products ahead of time ( when purchasing your listed products keep in mind the original price and the price shown at the time…is it worth it?)

Tip #4

If you shop at Argos you are able to reserve and collect.. hint the quietest time online is 3-4am*

Set reminders for Amazon’s lightning deals which are available for Amazon users, it’s also worth signing up for Amazon Prime as they often have early preview sales for prime users.

Tip # 5

Look for vouchers and codes (maybe cashback) that you can use in addition to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.You should keep an eye on the sites social media platforms Facebook and Twitter they may have link deals on them.  Some great sites include:

Voucher codes,  Myvouchercodes, Topcashback  and Quidco 

Remeber to add these to your temporary email address if you choose to make one, you could always signup/change the email address in the accounts section on the sites when the two events finish.



Happy pre-shopping hope you find what you what, I will differently compile a list of things I want to get before Black Friday and Cyber Monday to make things easy for me. What are you thinking of buying? leave comments lets chat 🙂



*This is based on online sales last year.






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    Nice tips – you definitely can nab some amazing deals on Black Friday…I am already ready!

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